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The Brook Meadow Approach to Pain Management


The recognition and treatment of pain in both human and veterinary medicine is undergoing a revolution of sorts. Old ways of thinking are being replaced, and at Brook Meadow Veterinary Hospital, we have made it a passionate point to stay on the cusp of pain relief and prevention. Aside from the latest research, medications, and modalities that are used to address pain, we are talking here simply attitude and philosophy.

We find it simply unacceptable that an animal would be in unnecessary pain. That is as plain and simple as it gets.

Therefore we do not wait to see if a patient necessarily "appears" to be in pain (research clearly shows that because of adaptive behaviors in animals, even a well-trained human observer cannot reliably identify which pets are "in pain" and which are not). If logic would dictate that a procedure (e.g. surgery) or a condition (e.g. arthritis) activates nerve endings and would result in pain, then that patient will get medication for pain as a routine part of the procedure or condition. Period.  For chronic pain, we are also committed to offering novel interventions drawn from the most recent experiences and evidence in human and veterinary medicine.

Philosophically we cannot accept the notion that your pet sits in pain, and as a result (research also tells us) recovers more slowly and with higher risk for complications from the stress that inevitably results.

An animal is just as vulnerable and no more understanding of the fear and pain involved in illness, injury, or surgery (even if elective) than is 4 month-old baby undergoing the same. We would no sooner withhold pain medication from one of our patients than you would if you had a child that got sick, hurt, or needed surgery.

To be truthful, Brook Meadow's position on pain management and analgesia is mirrored by some of the more progressive veterinary practices. You may find that our philosophy here is something that separates us from the rest of the field.